Default URLs For Blogger Site Feeds

If your blog is hosted on Blogger, these are the default URLs for your site feeds.

Atom 1.0 Feed – All Posts
RSS 2.0 Feed – All Posts
Atom 1.0 Feed – All Comments
RSS 2.0 Feed – All Comments
Atom 1.0 Feed – Comments For A Specific Post
RSS 2.0 Feed – Comments For A Specific Post
Atom 1.0 Feed – By Label
RSS 2.0 Feed – By Label

NOTE: The red parts are where you replace the default text with your correct information.

  • blogaddress – replace with the actual address of your Blogger blog.
  • label – replace with the actual name of the specific label on your Blogger blog.
  • postId – replace with the actual ID number of the specific post on your Blogger blog.


If your blog’s actual URL is, then your…

RSS 2.0 Feed URL for All Posts is:
RSS 2.0 Feed URL for All Comments is:
RSS 2.0 Feed URL for Comments for a Specific Post is:
(Replace “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” with the post’s specific ID number.)
RSS 2.0 Feed URL for a Specific Label is:
(Replace “peaches” with the specific label name.)

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