Helpful Tools for Live365 Broadcasters

I found a couple of free tools online that other Live365 Broadcasters might find useful.

  1. Storage Space to Playback Hours Calculator ← This free online tool will help you calculate (approximately) how many mp3s you can store in your Live365 Track Library based upon the amount of disk storage space you have in your Live365 Broadcasting Package.
  2. Live365 Stream URL Discovery ← This site belongs to another Live365 Broadcaster. There is a free bookmarklet on this page that you can use to discover the actual stream URL for your Live365 Professional radio station. It will not work on Live365 Personal radio stations.


Future Plans for My Live365 Radio Stations

I currently own and program the music for five radio stations on Live365. Each of my radio stations has its own domain, its own station page on Live365 and its own corresponding social media pages. Trying to manage five radio stations and all the extras that come with them is very time-consuming for me, so I am going to be making some BIG changes in the very near future.

I’m planning on creating a network where all of my stations are consolidated under one domain.

Each radio station is going to have its own station page on this new domain and there is only going to be one set of social media pages for the entire network of stations. It’s going to be so much easier for me to manage all my stations as one network, as opposed to trying to manage separate sites for each station. There’s only one thing missing from my plan: A NAME. I need a name for the new network.

As soon as I’ve decided on a name, I can begin to put my plan into action. Got any suggestions?

Please leave a comment below. I need some good ideas. Thank you very much for your help! :)